WWH Veteran Receives Help From Unlikely Place

On Friday, June 29th 2018, Jamie Pistole, a double amputee was fishing on Robert Guillory’s “Safari” near Ensco 75, a rig about 35 miles off the coast of Grand Isle in the Gulf of Mexico, as part of the Wounded War Heroes Grand Isle Offshore Rodeo.  Jamie’s prosthetic arm broke while they were fishing.  Robert’s son, Wade, called a friend of his who works for the company that rents Ensco 75.  That young man made a phone call to the rig.  They had the supply boat that was off loading move away from the rig so the “Safari” could get in the right place for them to send the basket down.  They put Jamie’s prosthetic in the basket.  The rig pulled it up, welded it and sent it back down to the boat.  And the fishing resumed.  Isn’t that amazing!  But this story gets even better… I just found out the young man from Houston is Michael Boudreaux.  I taught Michael.  I’m so proud of him!  A huge thank you to Wade, Michael and the crew of Ensco 75.  Your efforts turned what could of been a ruined fishing trip into a great story.  Random acts of kindness make this a wonderful world.  Thank y’all!