The Krewe of Dionysus invite WWH to Mardi Gras Ball and Parade!

The Krewe of Dionysus invited W.W.H. to participate in their Mardi Gras Ball and to ride on a float in their parade… No questions asked, we jumped at the opportunity! The Mardi Gras Ball was held on the 14th of February in Slidell, La. This ball was more relaxed than the formal type balls and it was an absolute blast! When you have a live band, good food and an open bar it equals a PARTY!The W.W.H. Alumni were having a good time and danced the night away until the band played their last number and it was time to leave.

The next day was load the float day. Again, the Krewe of Dionysus knows how to do it right! Music, food, and a bar makes for a great time loading up the floats to get ready to roll. Many of the krewe members stopped by and donated bags of throws for our riders. Between their donations, donations from friends of W.W.H., and a trip to the Mardi Gras supply store, our float was loaded up.

Sunday was the day! The weather held many of the parade goers away, but the ones that did show up for the parade made sure our W.W.H. float was cheered all along the route. W.W.H. Alumni were dancing on the float, throwing beads, stuffed animals, frisbees, footballs, toy swords, and just about any throw you can think of. By the end of the day big smiles and sore arms were a sign that our riders had a blast!

Our W.W.H. Alumni did our organization proud! They partied, but had a plan in place for designated drivers, watched out for each other and conducted themselves in a manner that showed you can have a good time while still being responsible.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Krewe of Dionysus! Each year you guys give us a float to ride on, but this year adding the ball, giving our riders costumes, and making us part of the krewe, really made a positive impact on our Veterans.

Nous vous remercions de tout coeur, laissez les bon temps rouler!