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Here at Wounded War Heroes, our mission is to give back to those who have sacrificed so much in order to protect our American rights and freedoms. Not only have these veterans sacrificed precious time with their families, but they have also suffered wounds or injuries as a result of serving our country. An average of one in ten service members is disabled during active duty. At Wounded War Heroes, we believe in healing from the inside out. By using outdoor recreational therapy, we are able to help our selfless veterans learn a new outdoor hobby or reconnect with an old one. The outdoor activities provided by WWH have the ability to heal these heroes both physically and mentally by allowing them to utilize their bodies and connect with other veterans who are experiencing similar hardships.

Being able to serve our wounded heroes is very important to us, but we could not do it without the generosity of our community members. We are incredibly grateful for those of you who have donated to Wounded War Heroes. Our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is growing larger than we could have ever hoped for. Because of this, we are planning to organize more events in order to reach as many of our disabled veterans as possible.

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We exist to show appreciation to the men and women wounded or injured as a result of serving our country.

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