Weaver Family Deer Hunt


December 02, 2020

David Groche and Graham Golden, new members of WWH, were treated to the very first deer hunt with the family of WWH alumni Landon Weaver in north Louisiana. The Weaver family went out of their way to ensure the veterans were well fed, had a good time, and placed in some really good areas for a successful hunt. The evenings were spent around a camp fire with the Weaver family, enjoying their hospitality. There was good food, good drinks, storytelling and some serious laughing! David and Graham were a hit with the Weaver family, both having a great sense of humor, just like the Weavers. It was hard to pull away from the fire at night, but sleep was needed as the deer were not easy to hunt. These deer were some of the smartest I’ve seen in a very long time. Each veteran put in some long hours on the stands, but it paid off. Each one killed at least one deer, filling the ice chest with venison. The meat on these deer was beautiful! They were very healthy and butterball fat. It was such a pleasurable hunt as the veterans made great shots thus making finding the deer very easy, they cleaned their own deer, and pitched-in with the chores. Because these veterans were such fantastic guests, the Weavers are already planning for next year! A big thank you to David and Graham for helping this to become an annual event! After the veterans left I got to spend time with Pawpaw and Mawaw Weaver, two very close friends of not only WWH, but me. They are a very patriotic and charming couple, and if anyone is ever offered a meal from Mawmaw and Pawpaw, take it! A special thanks to “Pops” and Chris Weaver, we appreciate everything you guys do for WWH, and some of the great ideas you guys came up with for future events. This entire hunt would not have been possible without the hard work of WWH alumni Landon Weaver. Landon has gone from being an alumni enjoying trips to being able to help his fellow alumni, a veteran helping veterans.

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