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Your generous tax-deductible donation will enable Wounded War Heroes to continue providing hunting and fishing trips, vacations, and other outdoor activities to our veterans.

Thank you so much for visiting our website and considering our nonprofit organizational foundation for a donation to our passionate dedicated mission! Wounded war heroes, founded by Mr. Emeric Watson and many others, created special intensified considerations showing our indebtedness to the valiant men and women, wounded while in combat, defending our nation.

Wounded War Heroes Provides hunting and fishing trips, along with many numerous diverse outdoor activities to all Wounded War Heroes and disabled veterans of the US military services. Our Outdoor Recreational, Therapeutic Purposeful Vision, and Mission Programs intended for our Wounded War Heroes are providing opportunities for disabled veterans to interact with former military service personnel and improve their quality of life, through our events, activities, and camaraderie.

Wounded War Heroes is an amazing organization that provides outdoor recreation activities for our disabled Veterans. Currently, WWH serves over 150 Disabled Veterans and offers more than 80 separate events each year, and growing; that get these deserving participants off of their couches and into the healing power of nature. We pride ourselves on financing nearly 100% of our donations directly to our members through these programs.

A sincere thank you for your support and generosity underwriting our enduring mission devoted to these Courageous Guardians of our nation’s heritage and guarantor of our protected freedoms, who have suffered ultimate sacrifices, and especially those who gave all.

All Of Our Patriotic Blessings and Sincere Appreciations for Your Consideration, helping our wounded veterans get back up and stand firm on their feet again, proudly anchored in knowing you have supported their return to the beloved welcome arms these United States of America. You will assist all by making their futures and dreams a reality with your consistent neverending support.

Chariman Emeric Watson

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Putting Our Heroes In The Outdoors

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Putting Our Heroes In The Outdoors

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We exist to show appreciation to the men and women wounded or injured as a result of serving our country.

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