Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When was Wounded War Heroes started?
    Wounded War Heroes all started when Michael Savoie, A Medically Retired Wounded War Hero USMC, met Emeric Watson (Founder of W.W.H.) at a hunting event in Pachuta, MS. in 2009.  Late one night around a campfire Michael heard stories about some of the Watson’s fishing adventures and asked Emeric what it would cost to take around 20 military men and women down to south Louisiana for a weekend of fishing.  Emeric’s wheels immediately started to spin and can recall having trouble sleeping that night because of all the ideas running through his head.  Emeric spoke with his father and brother-in-law the following day and decided they would ask some family and friends to make donations to help defray the cost of a trip.  Much to their surprise they received an overwhelming response and received commitments for donations and services.

    Within a couple of days, they set a date for the first W.W.H. Fishing Rodeo, which was dictated by the weekends that remained available at the Delta Marina, whereby default left them with the task of pulling off the event within 17 days. The inaugural W.W.H. rodeo went off without a hitch due to hard work and dedication from many friends and family members.  A passion for the outdoors and the desire to give something back to these courageous men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country and sustained life-altering wounds in the fight for freedom is the premise behind Wounded War Heroes.  Our military men and women put their lives on the line, so we can wake up every morning and go about our day, enjoying freedom in ways big and small.

  2. Why was Wounded War Heroes started?

    W.W.H. was founded to show our appreciation to the men and women who have been wounded while in combat, by providing them therapeutic outdoor experiences upon their return home from fighting for our country.  Our sole purpose is to show these Veterans they are not forgotten for their courageous service to our nation.

  3. What are the qualifications for membership in Wounded War Heroes?

    The requirements to be considered for membership are either a Purple Heart or the Veteran must have served in combat and have a service-connected VA rating of at least 50%.  In order to become an active member of W.W.H. you must be recommended by an active member, sponsor or board member of W.W.H.

  4. Does Wounded War Heroes have a motto?

    W.W.H. does have a motto and it is “Putting HEROES back in the outdoors.”

  5. How many Veterans are on the active roster for Wounded War Heroes?

    W.W.H. has grown from a 20-Veteran fishing event to an active roster of over 265 Veterans.

  6. How many events does Wounded War Heroes have each year?

    To date, W.W.H. has grown from one large fishing rodeo annually to over one hundred different hunting, fishing and other outdoor events sponsored mostly by people and companies across the country.

  7. How can I donate to Wounded War Heroes?

    You can donate online at or by sending a check to:                

    Wounded War Heroes
    312 Guilbeau Road, Suite 3D
    Lafayette LA, 70506

    You can also come out and meet some of our HEROES and donate at any of our fundraising events or major events listed below.  W.W.H. is a 501c3.  Our number is 27-0794499.

  8. What are the fundraising events held by Wounded War Heroes?

    Wounded War Heroes sponsors several fundraising events each year.  Many of our supporters hold events that make a huge difference in our finances.  There isn't enough room to list them all but the following are a few that help support our vision:

    • W.W.H. Clay Shoot is held in Maurice, LA at GOL Shooting every spring.

    • W.W.H. is the beneficiary of the Dynamic Therapy 5K Run to Remember.
    • On the Friday before Father's Day W.W.H. holds a fundraising banquet in Mandeville, LA.
    • A Fun Run by boat is held each September sponsored by a group from the Houma area.
    • Each year Stone Creek Spa holds a fundraiser to benefit W.W.H.
    • W.W.H. holds a fundraising banquet in the Lafayette, LA area on a yearly basis.

  9. What are the major events held by Wounded War Heroes?

    W.W.H. sponsors four major fishing events each year.  The following events give our HEROES an opportunity to spend time with and get to know many Veterans at one time.

    • Each spring W.W.H. sponsors a 25 Veteran's bass tournament in Toledo Bend.

    • W.W.H. holds the Tony Fontenot Memorial Rodeo for 25 Veteran couples the first weekend in May at the Harbor Lights Marina in Cocodrie, LA.

    • Either the weekend before or after the fourth of July W.W.H. sponsors the Grand Isle Offshore Rodeo for 50+ Veterans at Bridge Side Marina in Grand Isle, LA.

    • W.W.H. sponsors a 50-Veteran saltwater fishing rodeo, the Lucky Rogers Memorial Rodeo, the last weekend in August at the Venice Marina in Venice, LA.


We exist to show appreciation to the men and women wounded or injured as a result of serving our country.

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