Washington Sea Duck Hunting

Two W.W.H. Alumni Were Given the Opportunity to Hunt Sea Ducks in Washington State.

Posted: January 27, 2020

Travis Schwing and Jason Legg (W.W.H. Alumni) hosted a three day sea duck in Washington State for two W.W.H. Alumni, Wendell Horton and Mike Cheramie. The hunting dates were the 18th to the 20th of January. This was a rare opportunity for the two W.W.H. hunters to collect species of waterfowl that are normally not found in the flyways our alumni hunt.

Day one was hunting in a bay out of boat which resulted in the collection of Buffleheads, Surf Scoters, and the hard to get White Wing Scoter. Day two was a two and a half hour drive to the Canadian border. The hunting was done out of a boat on the ocean. The species collected was Surf Scoters, White Wing Scoter and common Scoters.

Each W.W.H. Alumni collected the rare and beautiful Harlequin duck. Harlequin ducks are very limited in the lower 48 and the area that was hunted the limit is one per year!

Day three was spent on inlets trying to collect the hard to find Barrow Goldeneye. The Barrow Goldeneyes did not want to come into range, but the hunters killed more Scoters and a very rare Eurasian Widgeon.

Most of the waterfowl opportunities offered to W.W.H. is hunting in the marshes of south Louisiana. This hunting was totally new and exciting. It was cold, sometimes on open water, and there were many challenges not normally seen in duck hunting.

Overall both hunters had a fantastic hunt! Thank you so much to Jason Legg and Travis Schwing for setting up this special hunt.

On this trip Mike Cheramie almost finished his lifetime goal of collecting every legal species of ducks in the lower 48, now only needing 2 more to finish his lifelong pursuit.

Mike "Gunny" Cheramie

Washington Sea Duck Hunting Images

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