Stuttgart Duck Hunt

W.W.H. Teamed up with Arkansas County Duck Guide Service for a Special Youth and Veteran Hunt in Stuttgart.

Posted: February 16, 2020

Arkansas had a special one day youth and veteran hunt for waterfowl, and W.W.H. was invited to participate!. We were very excited as Stuttgart is world famous for waterfowl hunting. There were going to be youth hunters with us, we were going to hang out with some old friends of W.W.H., and there was going to be some great dogs working.

We were not disappointed! We arrived at the camp the day before and shown to our accommodations. It was like a family reunion. We sat around telling stories, eating boudin, drinking beer, and having a good time. The plan was laid out for the next day and everyone hit the hay early as it was to be an early morning.

When the alarm went off everyone was dressed and ready to leave as we were excited to get out there to hunt. The area we hunted was a partially flooded bean field and we were positioned in the tree line. We knew it was going to be a great morning when there were ducks trying to land as the decoys were being set out. The guides positioned us and we waited for shooting time.

When the second hand hit the mark, it was on! Non-stop action! Youth and Veteran alike were laughing at misses, cheering the dogs on, and having way too much fun. At one point I had to walk through the woods back to my truck to grab more shells for the shooters. There were misses but also some amazing shots. We had two ducks float through the decoys and everyone missed, but W.W.H. Alumni Bob Holman smoked both on a beautiful double. Two more cupped in front of me and I cut both with one shot.

The youth hunters were making some great shots and us "old guys" were cheering them on. But when someone missed a duck it’s a wonder we had anymore come in due to all the laughter ringing through the woods. The dogs were amazing! When the smoke cleared we had a pile of ducks and some great memories. We would like to extend a big thank you to Arkansas County Duck Guide Service for offering this hunt to W.W.H., and treating us like family.

 Mike "Gunny" Cheramie

Stuttgart Duck Hunt Images

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