Louisville Deer Hunt

W.W.H. was Privileged to have the Opportunity to Have a Father and Son Hunt in Beautiful Louisville, Mississippi.

Posted: February 19, 2020



Over Christmas break, Jason Yates and Jason Caudle were treated to a father and son hunt sponsored by W.W.H. The board members were Terry & Todd Ronquillo and Mr. Travis Prisock. Everything about this hunt was first class, from the lodge, the food, stands, and the great people that helped make this possible.

Each youth and their fathers all bagged deer, filling the ice chest, but most important of all was the making of memories. The deer hunting was fantastic, but giving W.W.H. alumni time to hunt with their sons is what made this hunt so special. The children of our combat wounded Veterans sometimes have to carry a heavy burden and this is a way of letting them relax with their fathers. It is a good way of paying them back for being there for their dads. The family members are the unsung heroes that rarely get the recognition they deserve.

Terry & Todd Ronguillo and Mr. Travis ensured everything about this hunt was first class. The hospitality shown by the local residents was off the charts. This is one of those hunts where it isn't about the hunting, it's about having a good time, but the hunting was great too!

It was so great to have youth hunters as they added excitement to each hunt, making the hard work of putting this hunt on so worth it. I had the pleasure of taking Terry Ronquillo's grandson, JJ, on his first hunt. It was challenging having a young hunter with me, but it was fun watching him in the woods observing all the sights and sounds. While we were walking up to the stand a monster buck took off from the far end of the clearing adding to the excitement. This confirmed that there were nice deer in the area. We didn't kill a deer that morning, but later in the hunt JJ killed a 7 point!

A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in setting this hunt up, as it was a very unique opportunity to get the younger hunters involved, which is what it is all about.
Mike "Gunny" Cheramie

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